Sunday, November 15, 2009

Post-wedding + a baby

Yes. I have a new baby in my life.

No. I did NOT get pregnant.

We got a puppy! My- I mean- OUR new addition is so precious and sweet and adorable. We are totally in love. Her name is Ginger. She's a Shar-Pei/Chocolate Lab mix. We're enjoying the lap puppy as long as possible.

"I like carrots."

She's also super lazy and just wants to sleep on the couch with you allllll day. ^.^

She's very tolerant of her new people; we're still in training.

Oh yes. We also got married. Finally.

Other news is that my website for Scotsgrove Stables is finally live! So clicky: link and critique away. The load time frustrates me. I need to figure out how to cut that down.... but other than that- I'm pretty proud of it. And it's a work in progress so it will keep me busy for a long time. ^.^

<3 All for now!