Friday, April 23, 2010

June work in progress

Work in progress for the June mushroom. It's in the Cort. family... and it's slimy. ^.^ Still working on that leg... and the hands. :P A bit different than the edible ones.

Already starting to think of my next series. Maybe herbs? or flowers? I also have done birds before, but it's been a while. >.> or maybe just more mushrooms! (hee)

All for now. I've started to become addicted to Little Big Planet. We finished up the story line around Christmas last year and then kinda fell out of playing, but then I started up the Create mode... yeah- FUN! So that may slow me down a bit. >.>

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Black Morel + some

Final of the Black Morel.

I guess I got inspired working on my last one. ^.^ Morel went by FAST!
Oh- and the final of Porcini wasn't quite done - I forgot to make the text layer visible before taking the picture. So here's the final final.

I think my edible mushrooms may become a set... I've also got chanterelle planned for down the way.

ALSO: Totally inspired by a new band that I found on the internets. Movits! They are a Swedish swing, jazz, rap? band. I like it. Check them out! Seriously, I cannot sit still listening to them. ^.^

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boletus edulis

Final April mushroom, Boletus edulis (or Porcini). I'm really liking the textured paper and layered font going on in the background. I may have to implement this on the rest of the mushrooms. Also while most of my mushroom people will be dancing, there are also some yoga poses interspersed. This is a variation of the tree pose. The Porcini (another name is King Bolete) seemed to be more of a sedentary mushroom. >.>

Interesting to compare the work in progress sample. You can see I've figured out the mushroom cap but am still fiddling with the body shadows and colors. The face has some basic blocking in, but there aren't any details.

Next up is May and the Morel mushroom. ^.^ She's kinda creepy. I think morels look like brains... so that may have something to do with it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yup, I'm behind on a lot of my personal stuff. The physical media project for March is still a work in progress. ugg.

I know we were warned about this after college finished, but I never thought it would happen with me. I've always been motivated and doing something. And it's not so much that I don't have the motivation... lord- I have so many projects I want to do, but lack the focus to keep them going.
Let me count the projects!
  1. celestial beings
  2. mushrooms
  3. Cinderella book
  4. note cards/Etsy shop
  5. pull together a game design mock-up
  6. launch a webcomic
Good thing is, my website work is still pushing along. Scotsgrove gets regularly updated, yay! And the Funeral Alt. site is slowly coming together.

And it's not like I'm NOT doing something, it's just not art work. I clean and cook and do other wifely things. I take the puppy out. I see my parents. I go horseback riding.

Gah. I guess I just needed to get it all down (this is a blog after all). Now to pick myself up and start getting stuff done. :P