Saturday, January 1, 2011


New month, new year, new decade...

Strange how stuff can change so fast. All of a sudden things turn on a dime. In the Tarot, that probably is the Wheel of Fortune making its appearance.

I don't think 2010 and I got along very well. At least... most of 2010, the ending actually went better than expected. Actually, come to think of it, the whole decade kinda sucked on a grander scale. I mean, yeah, I graduated high school and college in that time, and I got married, and moved into our own house, but take into account the recession, 9/11, the war, the total LACK of jobs after graduating, my dad getting cancer and loosing his job, all the personal family deaths... it's just... I'm glad that's over with for the most part. Hopefully, everything will turn to something better.

On a more personal level, my Tarot deck is sprinting along with 29 out of the 78 cards sketched out. Still distracted about the mushroom dancers, but it's a good distracted! Because I've been working on getting a job! ^.^ Maybe even more than one job, which would be even better! Details to come, but I don't want to jinx anything until I get some confirmations. Just... it's pretty awesome all around right now. So, here's some work that I've been up to, nothing too recent, but I'm pretty happy.

First up, the sample I did for one of the jobs. It was way too detailed for what they wanted, but I'm learning to simplify for what they want. He's still a beautiful boy, so I wanted to show him off here.

Second off, a sample sketch for the six of cups. Original is about 5x7 inches. I work best small, then scan and enlarge for the actual painting. Still debating over doing this digitally or traditionally...

I just realized I should probably update my website in the near future with more galleries for all the new work that's going to come in. O.O

I'm wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year for 2011.
<3 Gwen