Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mushrooms... yes I'm addicted.

Dunno if you can actually tell the differences I've done. They are there... This piece may have some trouble printing (HA!) between the "blacks" and the green (I hate printing green, it NEVER prints right).

So now I'm working on April. It's a Porcini mushroom. Apparently they are delicious. Surprisingly I don't eat mushrooms if I don't have to; I'm just completely interested in them. April is a lot more zen than what I've been doing. Still have a lot of detail work to flesh out. This one is not as easy to map out as the others, with them I had a clear picture. This one could do anything. I'm liking the idea of having textured or patterned paper in the background. So that could be fun. :/ Decisions, decisions.

Other than those, I'm working on another physical media project that I like a lot and hopefully my sis won't tear to pieces. ~.^ Updates for that will probably be on Friday. No promises though. Also working with my parents to get an Etsy shop for my mom, my sis and myself (and maybe even my dad) up and running. Putting some of my mom's stuff on gift cards and maybe I'll have a calendar by the end of this year, and maybe some prints put up.

Of course constant website updates. Updated the Scotsgrove Stables site with it's spring clothing. It looks spiffy. ^.^

Friday, March 5, 2010


Well, here are the new paintings I've been working on for the last two months. :/ I was really excited about them, but then my sis pointed out all the flaws. Rarw! Having crits in the middle of working is the thing I miss most about college. I could have fixed them! _sigh_ Better luck next time. :P

First up, "The Dream Tree":

Second up, "Three Graces":

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh My Gosh!

Guys! Guys! I'm in HOW magazine! (unofficially... officially)

Technically, SCAD's Illustration Department's booklet "Illustrious" got into HOW magazine and MY image just happened to be "featured". ^.^ But it still makes me squee. (Thanks to Anna for pointing it out!) I'm on the top right corner with the "Bird Girl" image. Here's a close up:


Mushroom Dancers- February and March

Finally tweaked February, I think I'm happier with it. :/ I like the color scheme a lot more... but... I'm just not sure.

On to March! I really love this one. Still have to tweak it some, but I'm liking where it is going. The mushroom she is based off of really does glow in the dark. It's pretty awesome. Still debating on the pattern paper. :P

Hopefully more to show later!