Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Round-up: Overdue for two weeks!

Well, that was a long and unexpected hiatus. Mostly working on the Scotsgrove Website and actually working at the barn doing lessons, painting jumps for the schooling show, taking pictures, re-vamping some pages, and getting pictures online. I'm still not done. o.O

But for now, Ponies! Ten for the past two weeks and I'm also doing doubles all this week to take next week off. So ten for this coming week too. O.o Yeah... I'm a bit nuts.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekly Round-up

Well, last week I was done on Wednesday... so I forgot all about updates for this site. However, I did update the Scotsgrove site! YAY! Link for the weary. ^.^ My mom and I got out there and made sure to get a bunch of pictures and then I also got a bunch of pictures come in from the Rolex trip and even MORE are coming in from Hickory Top last weekend! Busy, busy!

And now on to ponies! Lots of blacks this week with some interesting markings.

First up, black filly Apparel. Different position, which was fun.

Another black filly, Little Possessed. I had a lot of fun doing her "star".

 Next, a lovely chestnut stallion, Seeing Ghosts Q. The bald face was a challenge!

 Test of Passion is a "blue hen" of the game. So I had to make sure I got that color perfect. (I hate chestnuts.)

Last was the black colt, Urban Legend. Tee hee, he's so rascally.