Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two Week Round-up: 10 horses

What can I say... I can't update things in a regular fashion. I'm surprised I'm keeping this up. ^.^

Okay, ten horses. Here we go! Not in order but at least I can talk about them.

First up is Cash Money Honey, a black Standardbred. The tack still kills me, but I'm getting the hang of it. I loooove her mouth. Lookit those teeth!

Next is Consolation Prize, dark bay with and awesome blaze.

 Next is a gray stud Dreams in Flames. He's the most resent of the horses and I had a super fun time doing his blaze. ^.^

 Fireman is a blood bay colt. I loooove his coat color. He's just too cute.

Next is Look Beautiful, a pretty light chestnut filly. Her reference had a lovely interesting blaze/almost bald face marking, but alas I could only do a stripe. Still pretty cool though.

 Parades is a GORGEOUS grulla/o? filly with a bald face. Seriously fun. ^.^

Stars of Tomorrow is a black colt with a star. The name makes me think of LBP2... <3

 Storm of Applause is a dark bay (stud, I think) with a snip and a figure-8 nose band. Gah, the tack busted my butt, so I limited the mane to a braid.

 Tuner. Oh Tuner. See, his nose was really off in the reference... so I had to improvise just a bit. Turns out his nostrils were all wonky and I didn't catch it. This is the revised one. ^.^ LOVE his stripe/star thing.

 Last, but not least, Zimm's Free Beer, an Appy stud. The color is supposed to be "sorrel" turns out no one really knows the difference between sorrel and chestnut. My boss wanted it to be a "copper red" chestnut color with the mane a similar color to the coat. (Me, I see sorrel as sorta brown... ish... ) It's an East/West coast difference. ~.^

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two Week Round-up: 15 horses!

Way, way overdue. Whoops! Had a great week off, went to Heroes Con! with my old college roomie and spent some quality time with L. My puppy has not forgiven me for leaving her with L for THREE whole days! I'm a horrible person. Now she's not letting me out of her sight. I love my Ginger-pup. ^.^

In other news, the Scotsgrove website has new photos in the gallery and I'm working on updating it to include Horse Profile pages, rather than one long list. It's going to rock.

Okay, on to horses! Sorry, they are in alphabetical order, rather than the order completed, because Lord, fifteen horses is a lot. O.O