Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Awww! Aren't we cute?
Originally, this was going to be on our wedding invitations, but then it somehow got too adorably cute and not enough "grown up, we're getting married!" cute. Who knew? So now it's the shower invitation illustration.

Yes- those are toys of our childhood. Books, fairy princesses, unicorns, art, and nature for me. Music, game consoles and controllers, ninja turtles, and computers for him. Pokemon for both of us. Yes, we are dorks- it's a good thing we found each other. :D

Roughly based the girl off of little Odette in Swan Princess and the boy off Christopher Robin... except with a butterfly dress and a Power Rangers shirt. >.>

I think this came about because I realize we did fall in love rather young (18) and it was really before we knew what it was. We started out innocent and naive about everything, but we've grown up together and learned so much. Also I'm moving in, thus, boxes and STUFF everywhere! It makes you realize how much crap, I mean, valuables you really have.

Okay enough babble, I'm just procrastinating going to sleep anyway. <3

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

resting in peace

A month has passed (almost to the day) since Wade died. My sister, mom, my sister's friend R, and I held a bonfire last night in honor of Wade.

It was very brief, but surprisingly powerful. It had rained that afternoon and the fire circle was covered in wet ground cover from over a year of inactivity. We got it cleaned up enough to light a fire. Then we brought out the hard cider to toast Wade with and send him on. My sister wrote him a huge letter- locks of hair, rose petals, a nine page letter. She never did get to say good-bye, so this was her way of doing it. She burned the letter, maybe he'll get it in some fashion or another. He did always love fire. R and I also had letters to him that we burned. The fire flared and consumed the letters with astonishing speed while Momma recited a blessing. A blessing to let the spirit pass on and be at peace, but also to let those who grieve come to peace. Once the blessing finished, the fire went out and though we tried to make it last a bit longer, it was done. Perhaps, it had done it's job and now had another purpose to achieve in delivering it's messages... that's what I believe anyway.

It's hard, so hard, to say good-bye to someone who became so special to you. We grieve for the past that we didn't see any warning signs until afterward. We grieve for the future that will never happen. A month isn't nearly long enough to come to terms with any of that, but this way we can start to remember the good times instead of grieve for the last moment of his life.

To Wade Phillip Sprow- I hope you've found peace.

The sky now divides
To bring you back into the fold
Welcome home
Still my need to recognize
Any comfort you may show
Only grows
Guess Ill learn to accommodate
While my heart just sits and waits
Maybe God you found
Maybe is all that you can offer now
Where am I to take refuge
When the storms of pain release
Shelter me
This blessedness of life
Sometimes brings me to my knees
I call on thee
I have not the words to write
A farewell to you tonight
Maybe God you found
Maybe is all that you can offer now
I know hearts are weeping
While your voice is now singing
On high, angel on high

~Collective Soul "Maybe"

Sunday, July 5, 2009

art & stuff

So it looks like I may have started (or restarted) a tradition of Art Day with my Mom and sister (and more friends as we go).

Here's some stuff we've been up to:

A brief glance into the clay play day I mentioned. I made really tiny totem animals. I swear that fish is no longer than my thumb. They still have to be fired and painted and such. I hope they didn't blow up in the kiln.

Next is the Art Day that we recently had where I went over some of my layering techniques... Starting with watercolors and colored pencils and then moving to acrylic glazes. It's still a work in progress.

And Scotsgrove in the morning. ^.^ See the ponies (aka huge horses) in the distance? This was around 8:30am on Friday and I got there before everyone else except Laurie, the barn manager. It was so peaceful. I love Scotsgrove.