Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rachel and Tristan Gettin' Hitched

So my cousin Rachel got hitched. I decided I needed to paint them a picture. Because that's what I do... and I couldn't make it across the country for the wedding (many sad faces were to be had).

There was only one problem. I haven't painted (really painted) in lord only knows how long. O.O

BUT! I knew I was inspired by their theme of desert succulents and some other paintings I did in college. To the drawing board!

 I know it looks like a bunch of scribbles, but I promise there is a plan! (see thumbnails to the right!)

See! Breaking the whites and getting stuff down. (also phone photos :P)

I even have outlines and forms happening. Now comes a bunch of going back and forth with paint layers and colored pencils...

 Almost done sitting with it's companion piece I made for my mother one year.

The final! And it got done surprisingly on time! I sent it with my dad in his carry on to deliver it. So I haven't lost the painting bug completely. :D

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